Sylvanian Families Striped Cat Family - Animals at Home - Sylvanian Families
Sylvanian Families Striped Cat Family - Animals at Home

Sylvanian Families Striped Cat Family - Animals at Home

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The Striped Cat Family has pointy ears, pale cream noses, light brown fur, and dark brown markings.

Father Simon Sandy is sporty as anything, and especially loves marine sports. Whenever he can, he takes his family to spend time at the summer house beside the seaside. He takes advantage of the weather in summer, teaching marine sports to the little ones at Sea Breeze Cape.

Mother Amelia loves to go fruit picking and makes delicious desserts and meals with her finds. Her homemade ice cream is truly scrumptious, and she runs the ice cream parlour over at Sea Breeze Cape.

Sister Sabrina loves to get up and get moving, going out on her bicycle. Shes already the best of friends with Freya Chocolate Rabbit and the two have pretty pink shell brooches that match!

Little Apricot is the baby of the bunch, and can be a little bit of a crybaby to boot. Shes convinced that it rains outside when she tears up, and so she tries to keep the tears at bay, even after a nasty tumble or a dropped treat.

Box Contents

  1. 4 Striped Cat Family Figures

    Adult figures stand approximately 8cm tall

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